Decide Yourself or Delegate - User Preferences Regarding the Autonomy of Personal Privacy Assistants in Private IoT-Equipped Environments

Marky, Karola and Stöver, Alina and Prange, Sarah and Bleck, Kira and Gerber, Paul and Zimmermann, Verena and Müller, Florian and Alt, Florian and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: Personalized privacy assistants (PPAs) communicate privacy-related decisions of their users to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. There are different ways to implement PPAs by varying the degree of autonomy or decision model. This paper investigates user perceptions of PPA autonomy models and privacy profiles – archetypes of individual privacy needs – as a basis for PPA decisions in private environments (e.g., a friend’s home). We first explore how privacy profiles can be assigned to users and propose an assignment method. Next, we investigate user perceptions in 18 usage scenarios with varying contexts, data types and number of decisions in a study with 1126 participants. We found considerable differences between the profiles in settings with few decisions. If the number of decisions gets high (> 1/h), participants exclusively preferred fully autonomous PPAs. Finally, we discuss implications and recommendations for designing scalable PPAs that serve as privacy interfaces for future IoT devices.


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