Let’s Frets! Mastering Guitar Playing with Capacitive Sensing and Visual Guidance

Marky, Karola and Weiß, Andreas and Müller, Florian and Schmitz, Martin and Mühlhäuser, Max and Kosch, Thomas

Abstract: Mastering the guitar requires regular exercise to develop new skills and maintain existing abilities. We present Let’s Frets - a modular guitar support system that provides visual guidance through LEDs that are integrated into a capacitive fretboard to support the practice of chords, scales, melodies, and exercises. Additional feedback is provided through a 3D-printed fretboard that senses the finger positions through capacitive sensing. We envision Let’s Frets as an integrated guitar support system that raises the awareness of guitarists about their playing styles, their training progress, the composition of new pieces, and facilitating remote collaborations between teachers as well as guitar students. This interactivity demonstrates Let’s Frets with an augmented fretboard and supporting software that runs on a mobile device.


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