VRtangibles: Assisting Children in Creating Virtual Scenes Using Tangible Objects and Touch Input

Matviienko, Andrii and Langer, Marcel and Müller, Florian and Schmitz, Martin and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: Children are increasingly exposed to virtual reality (VR) technology as end-users. However, they miss an opportunity to become active creators due to the barrier of insufficient technical background. Creating scenes in VR requires considerable programming knowledge and excludes non-tech-savvy users, e.g., school children. In this paper, we showcase a system called VRtangibles, which combines tangible objects and touch input to create virtual scenes without programming. With VRtangibles, we aim to engage children in the active creation of virtual scenes via playful hands-on activities. From the lab study with six school children, we discovered that the majority of children were successful in creating virtual scenes using VRtangibles and found it engaging and fun to use.


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