ProxiWatch: Enhancing Smartwatch Interaction through Proximity-Based Hand Input

Müller, Florian and Günther, Sebastian and Dezfuli, Niloofar and Khalilbeigi, Mohammadreza and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: Smartwatches allow ubiquitous and mobile interaction with digital contents. Because of the small screen sizes, tradi-tional interaction techniques are often not applicable. In this work, we show how the degree of freedom offered by the elbow joint, i.e., flexion and extension, can be leveraged as an additional one-handed input modality for smartwatches. By moving the watch towards or away from the body, the user is able to provide input to the smartwatch without a second hand. We present the results of a controlled ex-periment focusing on the human capabilities for proximity-based interaction. Based on the results, we propose guide-lines for designing proximity-based smartwatch interfaces and present ProxiWatch: a one-handed and proximity-based input modality for smartwatches alongside a proto-typical implementation.