Cloudbits: Supporting Conversations through Augmented Zero-query Search Visualization

Müller, Florian and Günther, Sebastian and Nejad, Azita Hosseini and Dezfuli, Niloofar and Khalilbeigi, Mohammadreza and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: The retrieval of additional information from public (e.g., map data) or private (e.g., e-mail) information sources using personal smart devices is a common habit in today’s co-located conversations. This behavior of users imposes challenges in two main areas: 1) cognitive focus switching and 2) information sharing. In this paper, we explore a novel approach for conversation support through augmented information bits, allowing users to see and access information right in front of their eyes. To that end, we investigate the requirements for the design of a user interface to support conversations through proactive information retrieval in an exploratory study. Based on the results, we 2) present CloudBits: A set of visualization and interaction techniques to provide mutual awareness and enhance coupling in conversations through augmented zero-query search visualization along with its prototype implementation. Finally, we 3) report the findings of a qualitative evaluation and conclude with guidelines for the design of user interfaces for conversation support.


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