Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects (SmartObjects)

Abstract: These are the proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Interacting with Smart Objects (SmartObjects ’18) in conjunction with CHI’18 held on April 21, 2018, in Montreal, Canada. This volume contains the ten accepted papers. Each submission was reviewed by three program committee members. Objects that we use in our everyday life are ever-expanding their interaction capabilities and provide functionalities that go far beyond their original functionality. They feature computing capabilities and are, thus, able to capture, process and store information and interact with their environments, turning them into smart objects. Their wide range was covered by the submissions to this workshop. Smart objects know something about their users and, thus, allow for natural interaction. Natural interaction, in contrast, does not imply smartness. Smartness requires interaction with users and provides help. There are already commercialized products available that expose their properties and interaction capabilities. To enrich their potential and to lower affordances, they need to communicate to each other. Making sense out of the available data in this field is still an open research question. The overall goal should be to build an interactive ecosystem that (i) seamlessly discovers, connects and talks to its environment, (ii) is ubiquitous and (iii) allows the user to be in control. The workshop examined these issues with regards to the following aspects: ∙ Interactive Experiences ∙ The Future of IoT ∙ Smart Home ∙ AR in the Industry Putting together SmartObjects ‘18 was a team effort. We would like to send out our thanks to everybody who has helped us to organize this event: ∙ The authors, who have written and submitted their papers to the workshop. ∙ The program committee and the external reviewers, for their time and effort to write substantial and constructive review reports. We hope that you will find this program interesting and thought-provoking and that the workshop will provide you with a valuable opportunity to share ideas with other researchers and practitioners from institutions around the world.