TactileGlove: Assistive Spatial Guidance in 3D Space through Vibrotactile Navigation

Günther, Sebastian and Müller, Florian and Funk, Markus and Kirchner, Jan and Dezfuli, Niloofar and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: With the recent advance in computing technology, more and more environments are becoming interactive. For interacting with these environments, traditionally 2D input and output elements are being used. However, recently interaction spaces also expanded to 3D space, which enabled new possibilities but also led to challenges in assisting users with interacting in such a 3D space. Usually, this challenge of communicating 3D positions is solved visually. This paper explores a different approach: spatial guidance through vibrotactile instructions. Therefore, we introduce TactileGlove, a smart glove equipped with vibrotactile actuators for providing spatial guidance in 3D space. We contribute a user study with 15 participants to explore how a different number of actuators and metaphors affect the user performance. As a result, we found that using a Pull metaphor for vibrotactile navigation instructions is preferred by our participants. Further, we found that using a higher number of actuators reduces the target acquisition time than when using a low number.