CaMea: Camera-Supported Workpiece Measurement for CNC Milling Machines

Müller, Florian and Barnikol, Maximilian and Funk, Markus and Schmitz, Martin and Mühlhäuser, Max

Abstract: We are experiencing a trend of personal fabrication that allows non-experts to produce highly individualized objects. Beyond 3D printing, this maker movement also approaches larger-scale production machines such as computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machines that are available in local fabrication laboratories (FabLabs). While the user interfaces and interaction techniques of small-scale 3D printers for household use adapted to the new requirements of non-experts in the last years, such an overhaul of the interfaces for larger machinery is still missing. In this work, we explore the use of augmented reality methods to support novice users in the operation of CNC milling machines. As a first step towards better support for users, we provide a camera-supported graphical and easy-to-use interface for the measurement of raw workpieces inside the machine. In this paper, we contribute our concept CaMea alongside its’ prototype implementation. We further report on the findings of a first early user study.


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